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Property & Finance

Terms of Reference


The Property and Finance Working Group meets periodically and reports to the Coordination Group and to the Parish Assembly.


Its brief is twofold:


to have concern for the development of the parish estate, its churches and houses, in discussion with the Archdiocese;




to monitor and review the parish accounts, and to seek means of raising parish income.


Members of the parish are invited to join the Working Group, meetings of which are notified through the parish Newsletter.




Parish Donations


Envelops for regular giving through the parish collections can be obtained on request to the Parish Administrator by phone or email.


Gift Aid


Often referred to as a 'Covenant,' donations made in this way, qualify for a tax rebate of 25%, which means that for every £1.00 you give, the parish gets £1.25. For obvious reasons, this is the preferred method of responsible giving.


The Gift Aid form is available on request from the Parish Administrator by phone or email.


A standing order form for donations made weekly, monthly or annually through a bank account, is available by clicking here.




Parish Finances


Please click here for the statement of the Parish Account for 2015.





Proposed Church Building Plans


Details of the proposed building works and improvements to St. Anne's church are available here





Property Group Report


Please click here for the Property Group Report, for 2017.



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