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Sisters of St. Mary

55 Swanside Road,

 L14 7NL




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Together to live our faith

in Jesus Christ

and to share it





Sisters of St Mary

55 Swanside Road

L14 7 NL


‘… together to live our faith in Jesus Christ and to share it.’




‘Pilgrims, there is no path,

 paths are made by walking.’




6 p.m. Supper

7-8.20 p.m. Session and sharing

at 55 Swanside Road, L14 7NL


What is the PILGRIM group?


The Pilgrim group is a small group (8-10) of committed Christian women which has been meeting since 2012. What holds us together is a willingness to share, to encourage each other to live faithfully whatever is ours to live. Together we find strength in Christ, in the Bible, in holy women of all ages and in each other.

Each year the group may change slightly as some join, and others may have set off on new pathways, or have other commitments for the present.

Some of those who join the Pilgrims have been in one of the prayer groups and have found this a way to stay rooted and connected, giving and receiving life, blessing and encouragement.

Anyone wishing to connect with this group, join or visit for the January session would be very welcome.

For more details of this group and other sessions of ‘exploring faith and mission’ please contact:

Sister Bridget

Sisters of St. Mary

55 Swanside Road

L14 7NJ


You may prefer to e-mail:

or text: 07598756557



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