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The Liturgy and Pastoral group (L & P) is responsible to the parish for pursuing initiatives in evangelisation and liturgical celebrations. The Parish, in its life and worship, must be a means of grace to the local community and to wherever God takes its outreach. We must act like a Sacrament, making real God’s presence by who and what we are, and by everything we do. The L & P must encourage this action, providing both the inspiration and the means, being open to new ideas from whatever source, and help in their implementation.


St. Anne’s and St. Bernard’s is a happy parish, racially and culturally diverse, offering a warm welcome to every stranger, and enjoying strong bonds of friendship among our members. This provides us with the opportunity to draw on and learn from the deep faith and traditions of peoples from all over the world. The L & P must draw on these strengths, supporting a liturgical celebration, catholic/universal in its expression, in  its music, its choir members, its altar servers, all its participants, in those who proclaim the Word and distribute the Holy Communion. It must proclaim the Word and reflect the meaning of the holy Eucharist to people of every age and culture, in such way, that the daily life of our parishioners is constantly renewed and helps God become real to everyone we meet.


The L & P has the further responsibilities of pastoral and evangelising oversight  within the parish. Within its pastoral remit is the development all pastoral programmes, the preparation of our young people to receive the Sacraments, the Journey to Faith, preparing adults for Baptism and Church membership, the Messy Church, providing an opportunity for family members of all ages to journey together in faith and activities. It must ensure that the sick and housebound are able to draw on the life of the parish, mainly through support in their sacramental and prayer life, and ensuring that they, in their turn, nourish active parish members by their daily prayer.


The parish has the God given responsibility to share the Good News far and wide, encouraging its members to be evangelisers in wise and practical ways. The L & P must be in the forefront of this drive to spread the Gospel. Working closely with the Social and Community group it must be a leaven in the local community, building relationships, distributing useful materials, informative about courses and functions, and supporting local community initiatives. There is a particular concern to support Asylum Link Merseyside and other groups which welcome the stranger. We must work ecumenically with other Christian Churches, and blessed with a unique relationship with the Al Raqma Mosque, we must work to develop our relations with the other major faiths.


The L & P wants many parish members to join us. We need your input, your initiatives, and above all your love for the parish, which has nourished our faith , and only with your involvement, will it nourish the faith of others.



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