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What is Baptism


Baptism is the Sacrament of initiation into the Church. It is where the Church Community Officially 'Welcomes' the individual into the heart of its fellowship. In the ceremony the Celebrant (usually the Priest or Deacon) formally pronounces that we are 'claiming' the candidate in God's name into the Holy Family. In the same way as the parents welcome the child into it's family, so too does the wider church community want to share in that joy and extend its own welcome.

It is a joyous occasion where God personally touches the child and his/her family, and 'claims' them as His own.


Preparation for Baptism


Given the importance of this Sacrament, parents presenting their child(ren) are requested to attend a meeting to help prepare their child, and themselves, for this very special event. Adults who wish to be baptised should contact the parish priest, deacon or parish administrator.


Parents are asked to give as much notice as possible of their intentions. They should complete the Baptism Request Form and return  it, by email, or by sending the completed form addressed to the Parish Administrator, at the address shown, not less than one calendar  month prior to the proposed date if Baptism.



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