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Administration & Communication

The Administration and Communication Group is a small group that meets three times a year to develop parish communication and improve the day to day running of parish work. The day to day work of administration is undertaken by our Parish Administrator Jane Barry. Assistance is provided by others, most notably Bride Fitzsimmons who assists in maintaining Parish Records, and occasionally Peter Crowe and John Phillips who oversee the wider issues regarding administration.


Get Involved

Any parishioner who would like to join this group is very welcome.  The meetings are announced in advance in the Sunday Newsletter.

If you feel you have some spare time (if only a couple of hours a week) and are able to help you can contact either Jane at the Parish Office or Peter Crowe at


Parishioners don’t need to join the group to help with the work!  There are other ways to get involved.

• Once or twice a year we need ‘foot soldiers’ to leaflet drop. Email the office if you would like us to keep your name on file as a volunteer.

• We have two Facebook pages where we platform campaigns, petitions, open days and fundraising and events. If you feel you could be an E-Campaigner, please join the Facebook pages and help petition and share. See the Facebook icon, in the footer, at the bottom of the page.



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Office Administrator Hours

Tue - Fri - 09:30 - 12:30


Tel: 0151 709 4434


Priests directly available on

Tel: 0151 709 4434

Mobile: 07932 045 070


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