Parish of St Anne & St Bernard, Liverpool


Welcome to the parish St Anne & St Bernard, Liverpool: we extend to you a very warm welcome from our priest and parishioners



"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2

You are welcome....

WHOEVER you are: young, old, black, white, asylum seeker, immigrant, gay, lesbian, tearaway, rebel, stranger…


You are welcome....

Whatever your situation: sick, healthy, unmarried, married, co-habiting, single parent, poor, rich, unemployed, employed, homeless, HIV/AIDS, disabled, bereaved, widowed, lapsed Catholic…


Whatever your experience: divorced or re-married, hurt by the Church, depressed, fearful, unforgiven, rejected…


Whatever you wish to leave behind you: alcoholism, paedophilia, child abuse, prostitution, drug pushing, drug addiction, gambling, murder, adultery, wife/husband battering, pornography, abortion, coercing into abortion, thieving, burglary, vandalism, violence...


You are always very welcome




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Our Mission


Everyone is welcome because we aim to be a prayerful, listening people, filled with hope, nourished and empowered by the Word and Eucharist, seeking to enable one another to develop our God given gifts for liturgy and service to others, sensitive and responsive to the joys and pains around us, open to all within the local community and beyond.


We work together for the building of God's kingdom.

Join Us


Click here to see what we do. There is so much to do to spread God`s Good News. Come and join us in our many activities as we try to preach the Gospel.


“Go and preach the gospel, and, if necessary, use words.” St Francis of Assisi



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